ACR Nautilus85 (Typical)

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This durable, robust temperature logger can stand up against virtually any environment. No wiring or cables required means that Nautilus85 can be easily introduced to any application.


Single Channel Temperature Data-Logger

ACR Nautilus85

Operating Range: -40 deg.C to 85 deg.C. (-40 deg.F to 185 deg.F)
Resolution: 0.4 deg.C (0.7 deg.F)
Sensor Accuracy: +/-0.2 deg.C. (+/-0.3 deg.F)@ 25 deg.C
Memory Size: 32KB
Accessories: None
No. of Channels: One (Ambient temperature)
Sensor Type: Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor (NTC) 10,000 ohms @ 25 deg.C (77 deg.F)

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