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There is a tremendous amount of energy required for lighting, heating, ventilation and airconditioning to create a comfortable working environment in industrial and commercial surroundings. But, the most critical element for all sophisticated control systems designed for energy-saving is to neglect the OCCUPANCY status of the room.

The PRESENCE Detectors bridge this gap and provide occupancy information. They can react intelligently to the presence or absence of people, and provide an efficient reduction of energy consumption.

OS-465 Presence Detector



  • Rated Voltage:
  • 110V-130V AC 50-60Hz
    220V-240V AC 50/60Hz
    24V DC (OS-465A Only)
  • Load:
  • - OS-465: Two Loads
    L' : 10A max. (cos 0 = 1)
    T1-T2 : 10A max. volage free contact (cos 0 = 1)
    - OS-465A: One Load
    T1-T2 : 10A max. volage free contact (cos 0 = 1)
    - OS-465S: Sensor with 3M cable
  • Detecting Angle:
  • 360 degree circular
  • Detecting Pattern:
  • About 6M diameter at 2.4M height
  • LUX Adjustment:
  • Fully adjustable light level sensitivity control for sensor to be activated at the desired brightness in a daytime
  • Timer:
  • - OS-465: L' : adjustable from about 6 sec. to 12 min.
    T1-T2 : adjustable from about 10 sec. to 30 min.
    - OS-465A: T1-T2 : adjustable from about 6 sec. to 12 min.
  • Meter:
  • Adjustable for detection zones
  • Sensor Element:
  • 4 element super sensitivity type
  • Detection Zone:
  • 224 zones
  • Environmental Protection:
  • IP 40, Class 11 (SENSOR)
  • Operation Temperature:
  • -10 degree C to +45 degree C

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