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In the history of most enterprises, we realize that past successes are based on the builders of the enterprise. CFA Filtration Inc. is no exception to this rule.

Mr. Pierre Audet's and CFA's philosophy was always to concentrate on professionalism, total customer satisfaction and product quality with a special focus to develop better quality and engineered products for IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) systems. CFA has been a professional in this field since 1983, long before IAQ was a "buzz" word.

Mr Audet's experience and know-how has produced a completely new innovative line of products which are marketed under the CFA banner.

CFA's team offers a full line of residential and commercial electronic air cleaner based on bipolorant and magnetic field filtration. This line of products is available to mechanical engineers and HVAC distributors and contractors for installation in residential and commercial facilities.

For the past 10 years CFA has offered on the North American continent a complete industrial air filtration product line and today CFA is pleased to announce that it has expanded to include a full line of Commercial and Residential Electronic Air cleaners called ELECTRO.

Our team is in place to answer all your air environmental questions and to provide solutions on any IAQ questions.

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