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Tired of trying to maintain a comfortable work environment and cut the energy costs at the same time? Slimline Commercial Programmable controllers provide the answer through the enhanced temperature control and energy savings. Program up to seven individual daily schedules with user-friendly Ultra-Touch keypad and informative Liquid Crystal Display features. Designed for new or replacement applications, Slimline Programmable Commercial controllers combine the state-of-the-art technology with an ultra-slim case that is creatively packaged to compliment today's stylish commercial interiors.

All Enerstat Slimline Controllers are backed by a limited Two-Year Warranty

  • Selectable 2 or 4 events per day programming

  • Environment friendly - mercury free, does not require batteries
  • Maintains all settings and operation modes after any power outage

  • Clock does not require resetting for outrage up to 30 minutes

  • Smart Fan feature for continuous fan during occupied periods

  • Electronic keypad and/or lockable cover prevents tampering

  • Automatic or manual fan selection

  • 12-hour or 24-hour clock display

  • 7 day programming

  • Copy feature for fast programming

  • Instant override of scheduled program either continuous or temporary

  • Optional remote indoor temperature sensor

  • Optional outdoor temperature sensor

  • Independent circuit switching (dry contact - AC/DC)

  • Selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display

  • Slimline Commercial Programmable models are available in a variety of configurations to satisfy your specific heating and cooling requirements.

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