DSL- 300

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The DSL- 300 single stage controller is designed for new or replacement commercial or residential applications. The DSL-300 represents the latest in solid-state surface mount electronics and manufacturing techniques incorporated into a extremely low profile, ultra-slim white ABS plastic case. The DSL-300 offers "user friendly" control of heating/cooling equipment along with an easy-to-read vertical LCD that displays complete operations status. A direct-wire, easy to-install subbase mounts on a standard vertical outlet box or any dry wall surface using anchors and hardware provided.

  • Selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display.
  • Fan selector for continuous fan operation.
  • Built-in short cycle protection.
  • Electronic circuitry replaces conventional mechanical anticipator.
  • Internal switch to lock-out the keypad to prevent unauthorised tampering.
  • 45 second fan purge after cooling call.
  • Day/Night button for user selectable alternate setpoint for manual setback.
  • Solid state electronic output.
  • Plenum fan switch.
  • Does not require a battery (always maintains the last setpoint and mode of operation following power outages of any duration.)
  • Thermostat output using relays
  • Lockable access cover.
  • Remote clock terminals.
  • Outdoor temperature sensor (optional).
  • Indoor Remote Temperature Sensor (optional).
  • Independent circuit switching.
  • 1C Heat/Cool separation.
  • Built-in anticipation & droop.
  • Minimum on/off times (2 or 4 minute selectable).
  • High temperature thermal cut-off switch

    Rated Voltage 20-30 Vac, 24 nominal
    Rated A.C Current: 0.050 Amps to 0.5 Amps continuous per output with surges to 1 Amp Max.
    Rated D.C. Current: 0.0 Amps to 0.5 Amps continuous per output with surges to 1 Amp Max.
    Control Range Cooling: 16 to 40 C in 1 C Steps
    Heating: 5 to 30 C in 1 C Steps
    Controller measurement range 0 to 48 C
    O.D.T. Measurement Range - 48 C to 48 C
    Control Accuracy 0.5 C At 20 C
    Minimum Deadband: (between heating and cooling) 1 C
    Dimensions: 114mm x 102mm x 22mm
    Termination: R, X, W, Y, G
    Minimum wires required 5


    W1 Energises on a call for first stage heat
    Y1 Energises on a call for first stage cool
    G Energises the fan circuit
    R Independent Switching Voltage
    24 Vac 24 Vac
    24 Vac (C) 24 Vac (Common)
    CLK1 & CLK2 Use with remote Clock/Timer for alternate setpoints
    RS2 & RS1 & RS+V Use to connect Outdoor Temperature Sensor Option and/or Indoor Remote Sensor option. Refer to the instructions included with the sensors.

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