Programmable Micro Processor Controller
Heating Applications

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Introducing the new Controller for heating control of Warm air, Hydronic, Baseboard or Radiant systems.

The controller features a large easy to read liquid crystal display that indicates continuous real time of day, day of week, current program period, room temperature and setpoint temperature or time, the setpoint can be set in half degree intervals between 5 and 27 degrees while the display range is between 0 to 40 degrees with half degree resolution.

Two Alkaline batteries size AA drives the controller totally independently and can be changed without loosing customers memory. Batteries are not included.

The controller comes packed with a comprehensive easy to read and understand set of instructions, as well as the necessary hardware to enable easy installation by a qualified person. It carries a 2 year over the counter warranty.

The controller can be set to change temperature up to four times a day for 5 days (Monday - Friday) plus twice a day for two days (Saturday - Sunday). It also has a manual Off button combined with a selectable Heat button or 5 degree minimum fixed anti freeze setpoint.

The controller is so advanced that it provides the customer with the opportunity to see how many running hours has accumulated since the filter was last cleaned or changed, whilst keeping automatic control of occupied and unoccupied temperature as required by the customers desires.

It also feature a manual override as well as a selectable timed override for a period of up to 7 days.

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