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Blue dots are DSL series Red dots are Commercial series Green dots are Residential series

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FEATURE/MODEL 100 150 200 300 345 400 450 600 700 SHC-7 SHP-2 SMS-1 SC-1 SK-3 SHP-1
Heat Only

Cool Only

Heat Pump

1 Heat/1 Cool

2 Heat/1 Cool

2 Heat/2 Cool

3 Heat/2 Cool

O & B terminals

Auxiliary Heat LED

On/Auto Fan
5-2 Day Programming

7 Day Programming

4 Events per day

2-4 Events per day

Locked cover
Electric Keypad Lockout
C/F Conversion
Manual Setback
(Day/Night Key)

Pleneum Fan Switch

Remote Clock terminals

12 or 24hr clock

Daylight Saving time function

Adjustable Balance Point
(ODT Option)

Smart Fan

Temporary Override

Continuos Override

2 Unassigned LED indicators

LCD Service Symbols Selectable

Outdoor Temp. Sensor

Indoor Remote Temp. Sensor

Triac Outputs

Relay Outputs

Independent Circuit Switching

1 C Minimum Heat/Cool Seperation

Built-in Anticipation & Droop
Minimum On/Off Times
(2 or 4 minute selectable)
Short Cycle protection
Occupied Terminal Output

Large Case
(114mm x 127mm x 22mm D)

Small Case
(114mm x 102mm x 22mm D)

Auto Changeover

2 Wire

3 Wire

4 Wire

5 Wire

6 Wire

7 Wire

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